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Swimsuit care tips

Taking care of your swimsuit

It takes a long time to find the right swimsuit. Why not take less time to care for it so that you can have it for a much longer time. While some women are rough on their swimsuits, others are more careful. Here are some tips that will help you hang on to that favorite swimsuit of yours.

Swimsuit Care tips

  • Rinse your swimsuit in cool water immediately following swimming in salt or chlorinated water.
  • The bright shiny color finish may fade after wear and washing.
  • Hand wash your suit with a mild soap (Ivory Dish washing Liquid) to prolong its life – do not wash in the washing machine or use dryer. Do not use Woolite.
  • Wash newer suits by themselves until all excess dye washes out. Bleeding of the dye is normal and will stop after a few washes.
  • Sun, tanning/bronzing lotions, tinted moisturizers, oils, harsh chemicals and minerals, salt water, chlorine, and extreme heat naturally put wear on any swimsuit and can change its original color and elasticity; this is not a manufacturing defect.
  • To prevent wear as much as possible, be careful to follow the care instructions above.
  • All shiny, hologram fabrics need special care. Be careful with oils and lotions, since they tend to remove shiny coating on fabric. Just follow washing instructions above.
  • Place towel before sitting on rough surfaces because they tend to snag suits.