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How to make a triangle bikini top


Cut Spandex Nylon Lycra fabric and lining with the stretch across 


           Cut spaghetti strings 1 1/8” width. 1 (45"Rib) long and 2 (25" Necks) long

Make sure less stretch length ways

Pin right side facing in and serge ends


Use pin or string turner to turn spaghetti strings inside out


Place lining on fabric and match ends and serge base of top


Place almost flat elastic on both side of triangle

Leave approximately ½” space at top for strap


      Place spaghetti string with seam facing upwards

Fold and encase string at tip


Stitch across approximately ¼” downwards from top


Use zig-zag stitch and sew both sides of top


Fold base of top approximately 1/2" over and straight stitch

making sure to stretch a little as you stitch

Make sure to do reverse stitch at beginning and end


Draw long rib string through casing

Try on your triangle top! 

Check out YouTube for video


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