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Shopping and Identity Theft Issues

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With the holiday season upon us and with everyone already in the mood for celebration and shopping; it becomes crucial to remind our customers that there is also a dark side to the festive season.

 Holiday Scams

While we encourage you to be free and select how you want to shop, be it in the stores or online, it is imperative for you to be more aware of the dangers of identity theft. Whilst shopping online is convenient and saves time and money, it also poses a danger to our personal information and our identity. Unfortunately, identity thieves select this time when shoppers are mostly focused on their next shopping expedition and getting everything ready for the holidays to target their personal information.

 Identity theft

How big is identity theft? Well, it certainly isn’t small and likely to grow into an uncontrollable monster in the coming years! Are you scared yet? Well if not, then you should at least be very, very concerned. Think about it, you go to the doctor; you provide your personal information. Your kids plan on entering college next semester, you provide their information. Anywhere and anything you are a part of, your information becomes available to that entity. The sad thing about identity theft is that the identity thieves do not discriminate their victims and unfortunately the most vulnerable, such as; children and elders become easy victims. Although some believe that identity theft is mostly credit card related, this is far from the truth. The most prevalent form that is continuously growing is medical identity theft. 

Identity Theft

Any form of identity theft can affect every aspect of your lives and cheat you of a huge sum of money and hours spent to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, it may take months before you become aware that you are a victim. Sometimes identity thieves do not use your information right away, they wait until months after to use your personal information, maybe months after the shopping season.

 Identity stolen

Businesses are also prone to this crime which makes it easier for identity thieves to have access to millions of victims’ personal information at the same time. If this is a crime that cannot be controlled, then how can you save yourself from becoming a victim? The best you can do is to have access to not only identity theft alerts and monitoring of your personal information, but also have access to RESTORATION! Remember, resolution and restoration are different and you would want to have access to a protection that provides restoration to your identity and to return it to where it was before the incident occurred. Be sure to protect your information against anyone who might try to steal any form of your identity. Take the relevant steps to avoid being a victim of this ever-growing crime! So, to our customers, share this information with your friends and family and keep being educated on the ramifications of identity theft and how to seek the right protection Enjoy the season and be safe!

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