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Finding the right name for our blog

Finding the right name for our blog.

We have been meaning to start a blog on Mirasol for some time now, however, wanted to find the right name and description of the blog so that people would know what to expect and understand why some topics are selected as such.

Who we are

Mirasol Swimwear is an online, custom swimwear store for women and we provide a range of styles, such as: tankinis, mix and match tops and bottoms, monokinis and one pieces swimwear.


First, we thought it would be great to just focus on the products we provide and the services we render; to introduce our clients and women in general to the items we offer and to share insights about swimsuits advice and recommendations for particular styles and body types. Then we thought, this was not enough-women are not just their bodies or the images they create in their swimsuits or in life. There is so much more to share and learn about women. Whilst our bodies are the external pictures we present to the world, we all have stories that paint so many shades of colors to our lives and can transform any snapshot into a story-telling picture. Our bodies can be affected by life in general and there are so many facets to this life we each claim as our own.

Our Intentions

There is this popular saying, “Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”  Like us or not, we are here to stay! So, it has been decided-although we will provide information about our products and make swimsuit recommendations along the way, our blogs would also feature stories about “YOU” our customers, our readers, and even our critics. We will try to integrate everything that encompasses women, such as: swimwear, fashion, relationships, experiences, health, life, family, success stories, challenges, and anything that would reveal, embrace, empower, and transform real women.

To you, our readers

We invite guest bloggers (both male and female…of course) and readers to be a part of this sharing experience and to contribute your thoughts and insights as we proceed to navigate our way through this blogging experience. Whilst we expect that our views and feelings may not be shared by the majority, we kindly ask for your respect and to know that our opinions and intentions are coming from a pure and authentic place. We look forward to making new friends, meeting new customers and carving a comfy place of sharing and involvement at our blog: “Swimsuits and You”.


 Author: Meera,  Fashion Contributor for Mirasol Swimwear

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